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Peelable Paint vs. Car Vinyl Wrap

Peelable Paint vs. Car Vinyl Wrap Often, our customers would ask, which method is better if I want to change the color of my vehicle? Would Peelable paint or car wrap be a better option?  Back then, if you wanted to repaint your car either due to paint imperfection or for personal pleasure, you’d have to bring your car to a professional or a shop to repaint it. Not only it costs an arm and leg, it takes days for the job to be completed and keeping your finger crossed...

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How to apply vinyl wrap?

Vinyl wrap is starting to get more and more popular due to various benefits and spectacular outcomes. It costs less than a paint job, and able to change the vehicle outlook in short period of time and adding an extra layer of protection to your original paint, the wrap can be removed and returned to the original condition anytime at your wish. Additionally, vinyl wrap can be applied onto most of the smooth surface such as car, cell phone, and laptop. Often, this is the question asked by our customers,...

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