About Us

It all began in 2012 with one mission in mind: to create a place where you can shop with confident for automotive restyling needs. Finding a shop or company that sells legit aftermarket parts could be difficult at times. Back then, when internet wasn’t as advanced and developed, you can only go to local companies where they sell high-priced performance parts if you wanted to modify your car or buy used parts off from private sellers or other businesses. Then, when online marketplace started to get popular, killer deals were all over the internet but consumers weren’t getting what they expected most of the time. That is absolutely the one thing that we hate, not getting genuine parts that we hope we would get and that is the reason why we started Hachi Auto. We started an e-commerce website from our garage at first, we were mainly selling vinyl products and car accessories only. We couldn’t be happier when we started to gain loyal and returning customers, and they would pride us for selling legit products. After 3 years, we decided to open our brick and mortar store in Chino, California. We couldn’t have done it without our consumers’ support.  To give us, the car enthusiasts, a place where we can purchase authentic parts that we asked for to DIY and to customize our own car.

At Hachi Auto, we would always get our branded products from authorized distributors, if not, from manufacturers. We test nearly all the products, use it over and over again to make sure we are finding the right products that are user-friendly at reasonable price for our customers. You never have to worry if you will get replica products from us. We are not just passionate purveyor of auto customization product, but everything else that goes in our local brick and mortar store or even our website with a full and rewarding car enthusiast experience. We also offer selections of car wrap products, application tools, aftermarket parts and accessories, and we are continuing adding to our inventories and finding user-friendly products to consumers. And the waiting room in our store is specifically designed to make every consumer walks in our door feeling comfortable and entertaining. From suspension to car wraps, we have all you need to restyle your ride and make it unique and one-of-a-kind to you.  Our mission is to strive for customer satisfaction by selling high quality item and providing excellence in service. Get to know us and you’ll see: we are so much more than what we sell.