Water Conservation Tips on car wash

California is currently facing consecutive fourth year of serious drought, we are now in state of emergency since early this year. As car lovers, we know it is difficult not to wash our cars when they are covered with dirt, tars and all kinds of contaminants. If you can stand your car being dirty, try not to wash your car as frequent as you usually do. If you have to wash your car due to low driving visibility, here are few tips for you to conserve our precious resources.

  1. Use Pressure-washer. Pressure washer uses less water than the hose without shut-off nozzle. However, if you do not have a pressure washer at home, using a bucket of water, sponge and shut-off nozzle would make a big difference too.
  2. Waterless car wash products.
  3. Professional car wash service. Choose the one where they have pressure washer and water reclamation system to recycle the water.

Keep in mind that some cities now will penalize resident if the water runs off the street and/or driveway while some cities have restrictions on washing cars at home. If you are washing your car at home, be sure to check with your local water agency to find out if your city has restrictions.

Starting September, we will be mailing a free “Save Water Save CA” decal with the package to customers locating in California with any purchase, no minimum order amount required. You do not need to do anything, we will automatically include one freebie decal in the package. Please spread the message and save California.

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