Peelable Paint vs. Car Vinyl Wrap

Peelable Paint vs. Car Vinyl Wrap

Often, our customers would ask, which method is better if I want to change the color of my vehicle? Would Peelable paint or car wrap be a better option?  Back then, if you wanted to repaint your car either due to paint imperfection or for personal pleasure, you’d have to bring your car to a professional or a shop to repaint it. Not only it costs an arm and leg, it takes days for the job to be completed and keeping your finger crossed that the paint won’t fade or damage by weathering or other road hazardous that are not under your control. Thanks to all the hard-working manufacturers and retailers, the automotive industry is constantly coming up with new products and technologies. Recent years, peelable paint and car wrap are increasingly gaining popularity in the car industry due to added benefits. We will talk about both pros and cons of peelable paint and car wrap in this post.

Peelable Paint

Peelable paint is specialty rubbized protective foam coating and allows consumer to begin coating and protecting the factory paint either on your own as a diy project or hire a professional to spray paint it for you. Keep in mind that the outcome will have an impact if it was not done properly, it could cause uneven layers of paint, overspray, and etc. Peelable paint usually lasts about two to three years if applied correctly, properly maintenance, number of coatings you applied, and etc. Peelable paint can also add extra layer of protection to the original paint, it costs less than a paint job and car wrap as well. If there are any imperfections, the peelable paint can be touched up without redoing the entire section or panel. When peelable paint just came out, only matte color was available; more finishes such as gloss, metallic and matte in various colors are now available on the market for consumer to choose.

Car Wrap

Vehicle wrap is made of vinyl material, it is just like a paint job, it can take days to complete if it is a full vehicle wrap. Like the peelable paint, it adds a layer of protection against natural hazards, light rock chips and etc. It costs more than peelable paint but less than a high quality paint job. The advantage of car wrap is that it has many textures to choose from such as carbon fiber, brushed, snake skin and many more. Car wrap usually can last at least five years or more, depending on the usage, maintenance and the weathering in your location. However, some manufacturers would suggest removing the vinyl wrap after three years for a clean removal without leaving too much residues on the paint. The color on the wrap can also fade from sun exposure after a certain period of time. Applying wrap is not as easy as peelable paint, it needs some skills and time-consuming to achieve the best result. Prepping is another important step when it comes to car wrap, without proper prepping, it can ruin the installation. Car wrap can be removed anytime you want and restore to the original color without harming the factory paint.


In conclusion, before choosing the right application for the project, you will need to assess your needs such as usage, goal, budget and durability.  There is right application for everyone, as long as the outcome is satisfactory, it is well worth the investment.

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