Vinyl Wrap Buying Guide - 2

D.I.Y. wrapping or hire a professional installer?   

Rather to wrap it yourself or hire a professional installer to get the job done could be tricky sometimes. Not sure which way to go? Watching some YouTube videos, reading blogs and forums can help you decide whether installing the wrap yourself is an ideal option. The information below may help you further decide which way to go.


The main advantage of D.I.Y. wrapping is to save you some money on labor cost. Wrapping requires a lot of patience and it can be time consuming. You will need the right wrapping tools and some auto repair knowledge if parts need to be removed for installation. Wrapping each panel will take average of 2-3 hours including preparation; getting an extra hand to help you with the project can speed up the process.

If you are a detail-orientated or car enthusiast, wrapping it yourself would be an ultimate solution. By doing so, you will truly know all the details about the work being done on your vehicle. Most importantly, you can spend some time to ensure all the parts are perfectly done. If this is your first time wrapping, we highly recommend getting a small piece to try it out before purchasing the rest for your project once you have some experiences.


Hire a professional installer - Taking your car to an installer will save you some time, but also adding cost of labor to your budget. Installing a full color change wrap usually takes approximately 3-7 days, sometimes up to 3 weeks to complete depending on the difficulty of your project. Installers whom are certified and trained by car wrap manufactures are highly recommended. Some installers will only work on the films provided by their suppliers or major brand vinyl products only (i.e.; 3M, Avery and such).

Contact your preferred installer to find out the size and type of wrap film that suits your needs, talk to them about how you want the project being done and other concerns before bringing the car in. Most installers will remove panels for color change wrap to achieve show-quality outcome. In some cases, installer may have to seam multiple pieces on deep curves or high-impacted area to ensure the film will not be overstretched, as well as easier to repair in the future if needed. In summary, a good installer will be able to explain the work process, answer all your questions/concerns and expectations for the project.

***Beware of installers that use massive amount of primer or even super glue when installing the wrap films, it could permanently damage you original paint and loose the benefit of restoring the vehicle when you desire.

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