3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film - 18"

$ 15.76

Width: 18"

Thickness: 8Mil

Type: Clear-coated Urethane

Air Release Channels: No

Self-Adhesive: Yes

Application: Wet


  • Designed for protecting painted, gel coat, fiberglass or other smooth surfaces from rock chips, scratches, bug damage, road tar stains and automotive fluid stains
  • Approved by major car manufacturers and being installed on new vehicles off assembly lines
  • The only officially licensed paint protection film of NASCAR
  • Does not require any special maintenance
  • Clear acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Safe for painted surfaces, will not damage the original paint
  • Can be easily removed by peeling it off using a heat gun and/or chemicals
  • Wet application is recommended on this product
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