Econ Wrap Film Series - 3D Carbon Fiber White

$ 10.00

Style: 3D Textured Carbon Fiber

Color: White

Finish: Semi-Gloss

Width: 5 Feet (60")

Thickness: 6.3Mil

Type: Calendered

Air Release Channels: Yes

Self-Adhesive: Yes

Application: Dry

Heat Stretchable: Yes


  • Designed for vehicle / watercraft accents, partial and fully color change applications (Do not apply below static waterline on watercraft)
  • Traditional carbon fiber textured pattern
  • Pressure Sensitive Self-Adhesive making the installation process much easier
  • Dry application is recommended on this product
  • Air Release channels assure air bubbles-free installations
  • Heat Stretchable using a heat gun or household hair dryer which allows more flexibility on curved corners
  • Protect painted surface from light rock chips, light scratches
  • Safe for painted surfaces, will not damage the original paint
  • It can be easily removed by peeling it off using a heat gun or household hair dryer
  • No adhesive residue remained after removal
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